cheapest cytotec We LOVE ART!My philosophy of Art Education highlights my belief in the power art has in transforming lives. The passion I have to inspire students with art is very evident in my philosophy. Art is so important at a young age, because it plays a huge role in a person’s creative path to finding themselves as individuals. I would like to motivate the students and teach them that everyday, every person has an individual side in him or her that needs to be explored creatively. Introducing art as a passion for their future is very important to me. Students need to understand how to appreciate color, beauty, and the abstract things in life. I want to be the person that inspires them to think on the other side of the brain. Being a part in that development in a student is why I want to teach.

buy cheap neurontin I strongly follow the Philosophy of Art when educating my students. The philosophy of Art is to create a continuous learning environment in which the student develops a positive self-image through a variety of learning experiences and activities. Thinking is the essential ingredient of perception. It is vital that I plan my visual arts program so that it will stimulate and activate my students’ thinking. The Art Education Program provides an environment in which the student can accomplish the following goals through leaning in art. First, to acquire the growth necessary to distinguish creative self-expression. In addition to, students will develop an awareness to the natural and man-made environments. To demonstrate imaginative solutions through the skillful use of a variety of media and tools. To analyze and evaluate their individual artistic endeavors and the work of others. As well as relate art in the classroom to other subject areas in the curriculum and to leisure time. To develop an appreciation and understanding of artistic culture and heritage. Also to become familiar with professions related to the various arts and their contributions to the development of society. And lastly, to develop the appropriate skills applicable to a variety of techniques and processes.

entocort generic price Overall, I am excited to see how I can relate to my students and influence each one of them to appreciate art in the ways that best reflect their interest. Art is all about individualism; we are all artists in different forms, and one does not have to be a painter or a sculptor to be an artist. Students who learn how to find creativity and individuality in themselves first through art is a big part. Art is everywhere, and most importantly, it should be in a person’s heart. Creativity is the key to a person’s growth, and seeing their personalities come out through their art, is very rewarding to me. Seeing that creative bloom is how I will know I have been successful as a teacher. I strive to be the person in a student’s life who teaches them about a part of themselves that they did not know existed. I want to not only be a teacher, but to be a strong figure of creativity and exploration. I want to change their lives the way my elementary art teacher changed mine. I want help students to find the person they have potential to be in the future at an early age. I feel that the best way to find your individual self is through art. My role in teaching responsibility, accountability and self-discipline in students is very simple. I feel that if I introduce what is going to happen on the first day of school in a creative and visual way, let them know our rules, goals and activities, it will motivate them to look forward to the future classes and become excited about being creative and exploring new mediums!