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click to read It is a true honor to be selected as the 2014 A+ Teacher of the Year at Timber Creek. I usually have a lot to say about everything, and while filling out the teacher of the year packet, I struggled the most on this last question, “What would you communicate to your profession and to the general public?” This question had me staring at a blank screen for quite some time. I was at a loss for words. What words can I use to explain the overwhelming joy it is to be a teacher? Teachers understand teachers. I can stand here, looking at a room full of amazing teachers and their families, look into your eyes and say nothing, and I will be completely understood. Being a teacher is a job that doesn’t get left at work. Even if you do not have papers to grade or artwork to label, you still bring your job home with you in your heart. You might come home and cannot get a conflict that happened in your classroom out of your head. Or the look on a child’s face when he lights up because he is excited about a project or finally understands what you have been teaching all along! Each day, I come home with stories to share with my husband and family. Sometimes these stories have tears of frustrations, and sometimes tears of joy. The best thing about being a teacher is that every day is unpredictable. Every day is a new day. Every day has new experiences, new laughs, new problems to solve, and new memories to share with the ones you love. We are on our feet all day, not only teaching these children, but serve roles as classroom nurse, counselor and mentor. Let’s admit, we all have “superhero” powers.

benoquin cream 60 uk Growing up, my creative roots ran very deep. I came from a very creative family, and had many privileges to be a part of the arts in Houston in many ways that other children did not get to experience. From my great Uncle, Eugene Aubry, who worked side-by-side with modern artist, Mark Rothko, to my mother, who taught me early on that a homemade gift was more special than anything bought. Each day, I am rewarded with being married to a creative husband, who has worked professionally in many artistic disciplines from music, design to video advertising. It is nice to be able to pick his brain for new ideas. I feel because of my creative surroundings and upbringing, that the art lessons I write are original, excel in creative steps, and always allow each child a new experience in their creative skills. I even wrote a children’s book on Art Supply Safety to educate classroom rules in a fun visual way!

In closing, I have had a lot happen in my life and have a lot of people that have influenced my life to bring me to where I am today. I have to give thanks to my family. From the day I wrote my name in bubble letters and drew all over my books instead of reading, they knew that I was going to be different and would make a difference with art. They supported me through all of my ups and downs in the art industry and celebrated every achievement. But I have to say that the most important people I must give a lot of credit to are all the amazing children I get to teach everyday. These special artists who think outside the box, work hard everyday, and most of all, remind me of ME. And that, I feel is the most amazing incentive in being a teacher!